The happiness and safety of our babies have always been our top priority. We are providing adventures for the youngest and snuggliest population on the planet, who need our utmost dedicated care from the point of entering the departure lounge to collecting your cabin luggage and disembarking the plane.


Given the new COVID dynamics, our on-board safety procedures will need to change a bit if we want to maintain the highest safety standards - which we do! We’ve taken a fine tooth comb to our practices and processes, revisiting every step to ensure that our sessions are as safe as can be. That includes different class layouts, prescribed sitting arrangements, recalibrated adventures, new props, special training for our flight crew, and a whoooole lot of sanitizer! 


For the more technical minded, what all of this means is that Lullaland sessions will run in accordance with government guidelines and the Early Learning and Child Care (ELCC) Practice Guidance in regards to COVID-19. So you can expect some different measures to be in place and for the program to look a touch different than before, but ultimately to experience the same magic in a way that keeps everyone safe. 


It’s important to note that MB Public Health and the ELCC are constantly updating the policies as new evidence emerges, so Lullaland may change any of the below at any given time.


To see how changes to your session are being implemented, here are the key points from our Lullaland COVID safety plan. 

Lullaland COVID Safety Plan

Updated Sept 25, 2020 

Before coming to Lullaland

By attending a Lullaland class you are declaring that to the best of your knowledge you and your child can answer 'no' to all of the screening questions below: 

  1. Are you or your child experiencing symptoms suggestive of COVID-19? (this question will also be asked by a Lullaland team member at every session)

  2. Have you or your child traveled outside Manitoba in the previous 14 days? (Public Health Orders currently exclude locations in: Western Canada, the Territories, and Ontario – west of Terrace Bay)

  3. Have you or your child been in close contact with a confirmed case of COVID-19? 

  4. Are you or your child awaiting a COVID-19 test result (excluding persons tested as part of voluntary asymptomatic surveillance for COVID-19 that do not need to isolate)?


If the answer to any of these questions is ‘yes’ for either your or your child, it will not be safe for you to attend Lullaland so you must remain at home in line with government guidelines. 


Arriving at your class

We’ve put in place new procedures for grownups to follow when arriving and leaving Lullaland. We will only open our class doors 10 minutes before each class to allow for extra time for cleaning. Grownups who arrive earlier than this will be asked to wait outside the building to ensure groups of people aren’t gathered in the foyers. As soon as the 10 minute point before class arrives, feel free to come in to get settled in with your baby.


The ELCC does not recommend temperature screening as an effective screening strategy. This is due to normal temperatures varying throughout the day. Lullaland is following their recommendation not to monitor temperatures at this time.


Cleaning hands

Prior to entering the room grownups will be required to either wash their hands or use the hand sanitizer provided at the entry station. You’ll also be required to wash your hands or use hand sanitizer after every diaper change, after coughing or sneezing, and upon leaving the venue. Where possible, please clean your toddler’s hands ahead of class. Babies will not be required to sanitize their hands.



Removing Footwear

All grownups will be required to remove footwear on arrival. Please wear or bring socks to wear during class. This will not be a requirement for babies or toddlers.  



Prior to the class beginning, you will be welcomed by a member of the Lullaland team who will also ask you to confirm the following:

  1. Screening questions: Grownups will be asked to confirm that they and their child have no COVID-19 symptoms and are not otherwise required to self-isolate.

  2. Contact Tracing: Sometimes the grownup who registers for the program isn’t always the one who’s in attendance. In order to help us effectively keep track of who’s present in every session, we will check in with each grownup before the start of class. We will collect names and confirm the telephone number of each grownup so we can easily contact everyone if needed. 


Class Capacity

Expect to have a smaller number of grownups and young ones on your adventure. Given the government guidance on social distancing, we’ve had to make changes to our maximum numbers per class. This will vary slightly from venue to venue, but rest assured, smaller classes just means more focused attention from your Lullaland leaders!



In order for us to effectively manage capacity and social distancing, we’re no longer able to accommodate guests and therefore a maximum of one grownup per child will be allowed. In the event that an additional grownup arrives to class, they will be asked to wait outside the venue for the duration of the class. For the safety of everyone we ask for your fullest cooperation with this. 


Class Layouts

Grownups will now be expected to bring their own yoga mat to class. This will be you and your little ones magic carpet for your Lullaland adventure. Our team will indicate where to place your mat and floor markings will be spaced 2 meters apart from other participants in class. 


Maintaining Social Distances

We respectfully ask that grownups are mindful of social distancing requirements and adhere to any minimum social distancing guidelines for themselves and baby at all times. We appreciate this will be more difficult for mobile babies, but ask that you remain aware of your baby’s wanderings to ensure safe distance is kept between little ones.


We do appreciate that this is a harder task with toddlers. ELCC guidelines state that when social distancing in a group is challenging due to children’s ages, then it's reasonable for individuals to be closer to one another when necessary. Although we will still endeavour to keep distance between participants, before signing up grownups need to be aware that strong-minded and energetic toddlers will make this difficult, and accept that by joining the class that some contact with other toddlers may occur. Grownups will still be expected to maintain social distancing at all times. 

Lullaland leaders will also be minimizing physical contact with everyone as best as they possibly can.


Face Masks 

Grownups will be required to wear a facemask at all times while at Lullaland. Lullaland staff will also be wearing a mask or visor at all times. Please note the ELLC does not recommend putting a face mask on a child under 2 years of age



To minimize the risk of cross-contamination, frequent and thorough cleaning and disinfection will take place. This will include not only class equipment and props, but also contact surface areas such as doors, door handles, ledges, etc. We recommend that you sanitize your own mat on arrival and we will have communal anti-bacterial spray and paper towel available to you. 

If your baby happens to:

  1. Spit up - don’t worry! We know this happens often. Just let a Lullaland leader know and we can help to clean and sanitize your props and/or surrounding area. 

  2. Needs a diaper change - please bring your own change mat/diapers as we can no longer provide our communal change area. To prevent the spread of infection we politely ask that you take all soiled diapers away with you to dispose at home.


Adaptations to Adventures

We are making adaptations to our program to ensure social distancing requirements are met and minimize any physical distance with Lullaland staff. Here are some of the changes you can expect to see. 

1. Props

Please note that any props distributed are for your and your baby’s personal use  for the session. They would have been fully sanitized prior to your class and/or used only by you and your baby that day. Please do not share them with others in the room, and leave them at your station when leaving.

2. Activities and the use of: 

  • Parachutes - social distancing will be maintained around any parachutes that we use

  • Puppets/Plush animals - instructors will maintain physical distance while operating puppets

  • Tummy Time/Parallel play scenes - our adventure scenes will no longer be encouraging babies to come in close proximity of each other, instead sensory props will be handed out to your personal stations for you to explore with your baby

  • Singing - We ask that all singing is done gently and directed towards your own baby 

3. Distribution of props

In order to distribute props and equipment with as little touching as possible, staff will refrain from passing out individual props and instead hold out a bin for grownups to take their item.


Posted Signage 

You can expect to see new signs in our classes as helpful reminders on: 

  • Manitoba regulations on when to stay home 

  • Hand washing and use of sanitizer

  • Social distancing 

  • Removing shoes

Please follow the appropriate signs on where to exit as some venues may have different exit to entry points. 

Leaving Lullaland 

In order to maximize proximity of participants between classes and to allow for extra time to sanitize, we respectfully request that grownups leave promptly after their session. We have adjusted class schedules to allow for this, but it will only be effective if participants are prompt at exiting. 


With that said, we know in some cases babies need a feed - and they aren’t ones to be patient especially when hungry(!) If your baby urgently needs a feed at the end of class, don't worry. Stay where you are, do what you have to do and leave when your little one is feeling content enough to move on.


We ask that you wash or sanitize your hands as you leave the building.


Sick policy

If you or your baby are unwell you should not attend class. Individuals should self-isolate if they:  

  • Are experiencing symptoms suggestive of COVID-19;  

  • Have traveled outside Manitoba in the previous 14 days, (Public Health Orders currently exclude locations in: Western Canada, the territories, and Ontario – west of Terrace Bay);  

  • Are a close contact of a confirmed case of COVID-19; or, 

  • Are awaiting a COVID-19 test result (excluding persons tested as part of voluntary asymptomatic surveillance for COVID-19 that do not need to isolate).


An up–to-date list of symptoms can be found at

Anyone who is unsure whether they or their child should be tested and self-isolate, should be directed to the COVID-19 Screening Tool at

If you or your baby is experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 and you have attended one of our sessions within the past two weeks, you must report this to Lullaland as soon as possible.


In the event you cannot attend a class due to illness, we will do our best to offer you a place in another class. Unfortunately makeup classes may be difficult to arrange at this time due to class capacities being limited. With that said, we will do everything we can to accommodate you in another class at some point during the term. We can’t make guarantees, but we will try our best to offer a make-up class when you and your baby are both feeling better. 


If you cannot attend your session because you or your child are unwell, we need you to give Lullaland as much notice as possible. If participants across all locations and classes work collectively to give notice for missed classes, there will be a greater chance that make-up classes can be arranged. Remember we do have our ‘gift a class’ policy, where you can let a friend and baby experience Lullaland on your behalf - visit our T&C’s for more info on that. 


If your class time has passed and you were unable to give advance notice of your absence, we will not be able to offer a make-up class as your spot was already held.

In the event that Lullaland staff are unable to run a class due to sickness or family sickness/emergency, Lullaland will cancel the class and let you know via email. If your session is cancelled, you will be offered an alternative session at a later date, potentially after the end of the term. 



Contingency Planning

As parents ourselves, we’ve become used to having backup plans for our backup plans if the unexpected happens. In the unfortunate event that the government directs us to stop classes due to a change in the COVID-19 situation, the remaining sessions for that term will be cancelled. We may offer the option for you to resume classes online. However, if you prefer we will also offer a refund for the remaining classes that we were forced to cancel. 



Respecting our staff

Our staff will be working their hearts out to ensure everyone has a wonderful experience. Please note that Lullaland staff are required by the government to ask anyone who does not follow these guidelines to leave the class, and may refuse attendance to any future sessions if someone’s refusal to comply with the guidelines puts others at risk. Ultimately this situation has shown us that our safety and well-being can only be assured if we all show consideration and care for another. We ask all our lovely participants to be our partners in this endeavor, so that we can all enjoy being with our young ones and with one another safely.


We’re now cleared for take-off! We couldn’t be more excited to welcome you and your little one aboard! If you have any questions regarding the above please don’t hesitate to contact us. Or feel free to visit our FAQ’s page where we address COVID-related questions, what to bring to Lullaland and much more!

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