Colorful Bubbles

Sensory adventures for young minds


Welcome to the world of Lullaland,

where we celebrate just how incredible your new bundle of joy really is.


Babies have a lot going on behind the scenes in their first year of life. In fact, research shows that we learn more in our first year than at any other time in our lives. Putting babies and toddlers in the right environment early on has been shown to profoundly influence reasoning, memory, problem solving & creativity! 


So that’s where we come in - we are Winnipeg’s first ever sensory class for babies and toddlers. Rich multi-sensory environments will draw you into a new world called Lullaland, where a new adventure awaits you every week.


Our unique classes are instructor-led so they allow you to sit back, relax, and interact with your baby. Each session is tailored to your little one's developmental stage, stimulating their budding little senses and minds with the wonderful lights, colours and sounds that makes our world so rich. You and your little one can visit Lullaland’s Arctic mountains, submerging under the sea or road trippin’ with your best pals.


One thing is for sure - you’ll never visit the same place twice! You won’t find any other class like Lullaland. 



The most unique, immersive and fun approach to baby development