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 Introducing Lullatots: a rich and immersive playtime experience that matches the energy of your toddler! Our adventures take them to a land of sensory wonder and magic, full of exploration and choice. They won’t even realize they’re building up social, physical and emotional skills.

Suitable for little walkers up to 3.5 years old

Our Lullatots program encourages your little one’s development through  growing their confidence with others. Each creative play adventure has a fun-packed itinerary. Expect puppetry, dramatic play, lively music and dance, sound effects, sensory lighting and more, all crafted into a story for them to discover with new friends. Watch them leap, bang, press, strum, laugh and zip around as they immerse themselves into the weekly theme, stretching their curiosity and budding imaginations to the fullest!


Each experience is designed to help build the physical and cognitive skills they need for a lifetime of learning. And the engaging, interactive plots are something that even grown ups can enjoy too.

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