How many sessions are in each term and how long is each week's session?

Our terms generally have 7 classes, and each class is 45 minutes. Just watch out for statutory holidays which can fall at the start, middle or end of the term. We’ll make sure to call out these dates in class and in your ‘Welcome to Lullaland’ email at the start of the term.

Can I try the class before booking a whole term?

Yes! Every family can get 1 trial session to experience Lullaland for the first time, so long as we have space to accommodate. Trial classes are priced at just $15 a class and can be booked on our website We prioritize full term bookings and don’t offer drop-in classes. Our terms often sell out, and now that our class capacity is smaller trial requests may be more difficult to secure and subject to availability. Please click here to request a class.

I’m not able to attend this week. Can someone else bring my little one?

Yes! We'd love for your baby or toddler to still attend with a caregiver. Please let us know who’s coming and we’ll make a note of it. One of our venues required this information ahead of time so please let us know at least the day before your class. Please note that any grownup attending Lullaland for the first time will need to show proof of vaccination.

I’ve signed up for the term but cannot make it this week, what are my options?

We completely understand with little ones unexpected things can come up. If you have prior notice that you can’t attend it would be great if you could email us and give us a heads-up. We can then try to see if we can fit you in the same class at a different location for that week only, however this will be dependent on capacity in those other classes.

Alternatively, you are more than welcome to gift your space to a friend with a similar aged baby. Our gifting a class policy can be redeemed only for the date that you cannot attend. Please note this MUST be pre-arranged with us so we can contact the guest and have them sign-off on our T&Cs and give them those all important class details! Please email us at

If you’re not coming to class and can’t gift it to a friend, please do let us know so we can either let someone else come in your place or refrain from packing your prop bag.

Can I bring a guest or my older child to Lullaland?

In order for us to effectively manage capacity and social distancing, we’re not able to accommodate guests of any age and therefore a maximum of 1 grownup per child will be allowed. We know finding childcare can be a challenge but we think you’ll relish the 1-on-1 time with your little baby.

I signed up for the Lullanewborn class but my baby is now starting to move. Can I sign up for Lullababies instead?

It's amazing how much those little ones can change in one week eh? It's not a problem that your baby is starting to move, continue on with the current term and bump up to Lullababies next term.

What do I do if my baby is fussy in class?

We expect this so please don’t fret. We are a completely baby-led class, so that means, if your baby needs to sleep, be breast/bottle fed, burped or changed please tend to their needs and don't worry about anything else - the magic will continue around you.

Can I take photos in class?

Of course - It'll be hard not to! Please be mindful of other parents though and if their baby happens to be in your shot, please check with them to get consent.

Do you offer a discount for twins?

Yep, absolutely. Your second baby gets 50% off a full price booking. Please email us to arrange payment.

What do I need to bring to class?

  • Proof of Vaccination - vaccination QR code or vaccination Card
  • Yoga Mat - this will be your home base for your Lullaland session
  • Face Mask - Grown ups will be required to wear a face mask at all times
  • Socks - grown ups are asked to remove their shoes on arrival and wear socks
  • Muslin - because when isn’t this useful?!
  • Change Mat - unfortunately we’re removing our communal change area
  • Hand sanitizer - a staple these days, but rest assured we will be supplying this too!

As a courtesy to others to keep hygiene standards as high as possible, we ask that all food be kept out of sight, and any snacks be finished prior to class.

Don’t worry we know as new parents you already have enough on your mind, so if you sign up to a class we will send you a reminder checklist of everything you need to bring!

I have another question - can I get in contact?

We'd love to help answer your question. We appreciate that there may be additional questions especially in this uncertain time so don’t hesitate to drop us a line at and we'll be in touch shortly!

What measures is Lullaland taking to protect my child and I from the spread of COVID-19?

We’ll be running our classes in accordance with government guidelines and the Early Learning and Child Care (ELCC) Practice Guidance in regards to COVID-19. All our staff are double vaccinated and we require proof of vacination from all grownups before participating. We’ve also taken a fine tooth comb to our practices and processes, revisiting every step to ensure that our sessions are as safe as can be! That includes smaller classes, prescribed sitting arrangements 2 meters apart from other participants, recalibrated adventures, new props, special training for our flight crew, and a whoooole lot of sanitizer! For more information on this please visit our COVID safety plan that will flesh this out in more detail.

Will the program look different than before?

Given the new COVID dynamics, things have changed a bit... To name a few, you won’t see us bringing babies together for tummy time or exploratory play, class sizes will be smaller and props won’t be shared across the group. But we’ve worked hard to find new inventive ways to ensure we’re still bringing the same Lullaland magic to our sessions! To get more of an idea on what to expect our COVID safety plan will help with that.

What additional measures is my venue putting in place to protect the spread of COVID?

All venues have upped the game with cleaning with higher attention and frequency. You can expect to see signs posted reminding of our COVID protocols.

What if my class is cancelled due to another wave in COVID and/or change in government direction?

As parents ourselves, we’ve become used to having backup plans for our backup plans if the unexpected happens. In the unfortunate event that the government directs us to stop classes again, the remaining sessions for that term will be cancelled. We may offer the option for you to resume classes online. However, if you prefer we will also offer a refund for the remaining classes that we were forced to cancel.

I’m registering with my sister-in-law and we’re in the same social bubble, can we sit closer than 2 meters in class?

In order to maintain the highest safety standards for the whole group we will not be allowing social bubbles to sit closer together.

How do I tell which class is best suited for my baby at their current stage of development?

Just remember that our classes are split by development phase of the child, not the specific age. Here's a quick breakdown: Lullanewborns is suitable from newborn until sitting unsupported Lullababies is for those sitting completely unsupported until starting to toddle Lullatots is for those who are walking until 3.5 years old If you're still unsure after having read the guidance, please don't stress. It's not uncommon to have wobbling 8-month old sitters in Lullanewborns, and stable 6 month-olds in Lullababies. They all grow at their own pace. What matters is both of you being comfortable and getting the most from the session.

Will I still be required to wear a facemask?

Grownups will be required to wear a facemask at all times while at Lullaland. Lullaland staff will also be wearing a mask at all times.

Am I required to show proof of vaccination to attend Lullaland?

Yes! All grownups will be required to show proof of vaccination in order to participate in Lullaland class. Please be ready to show your vaccination QR code or vaccination card as soon as you arrive at the venue. It's important to mention that Lulalland staff are required by the government to refuse entry if you cannot show proof.

If you have already signed up for the fall term and are unable to show proof of vaccination then unfortunately we can't have you participate at this time. Please do email us for next steps.

The class I want to book is sold out! Is there a waitlist?

We're sorry you didn't get a spot!! We do have a 'Standby List' wait list and you can add your name to it here. We don't see a lot of movement on our waitlist however, if a spot does open up, we will notify those on Standby, in order. While you're adding your name to that list, make sure you're our email list (found in the footer) so you can be notified when next term opens!